#THTNotSquare – Overcast Walking

So it’s cloudy outside and it may even rain but you you feel like you NEED to go out. Well why not pop over to Notting Hill and meander down to Sloane Square (dahling) dipping your cooped up toes into some culture, a spot of lunch and a tipple or two – all indoor stops aimed to give some warmth/shelter, on the way. Go on, move, you’ll feel better!

Start at Notting Hill station, end at Sloan Square station – time walking 1 hour 20 mins.

Download map (enhance with free OS app for smartphone): goo.gl/lseg85

Start at Notting Hill – it used to be a dump in the 80’s and now you probably can’t afford to live here..


Head to Eggbreak for brunch, unless you don’t like eggs – in which case head to The Churchill Arms just down the road instead.


Remember when all pubs in London seemed to serve Thai food? That trend started here. Surprisingly, Churchill’s grandparents used to go here – worth a look in for all his memorabilia.


Walk down to Kensington Palace Gardens, the most expensive street in the UK. The street lights have crowns on them, that’s how posh the residents are – they’re moody too and won’t let you take photo’s on their street but do it anyway just to annoy them.




Prince Albert Memorial. Queen Victoria loved Albert so much she built this shrine to him when he died in 1861 and dedicated the Hall in his name – we paid for it though, that’s love for you.


Albert didn’t just have an old hall dedicated to him but a whole area – head down onto Exhibition Road, know as the centre of Albertopolis, home to three rather large museums! It’s also a road and pavement hybrid, exciting.


Pop into the Science Museum and say hello to the stroppy spaceman.


Or make your way to the National History Museum and take part in an Earthquake Simulated room..thrilling (really)!


Alternatively head to the V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museum and try and work out what this is..


All that culture makes noises in your stomach so stop for lunch at the bottom of Exhibition Road


After you’ve filled yourself up, skip down some very lovely Mary Poppin-esque streets before you get to..


The first £1,000,000 council flat which the owner will have to sell to afford the clothes in the shop below.


Onwards past the Michelin building, home to some rather lovely restaurants and dedicated to that baddie in Ghost Busters.


It’s now obviously a good time to stop for a pint and a nibble at the Phoenix in Chelsea


Before heading past the most exclusive old people’s home in the world, The Chelsea Hospital, home of the Chelsea Pensioners


Then finally continue past the shops of the King’s Road and onto Sloan Square to toss a coin into the Venus Fountain.


And then end by getting back onto the Underground at Sloane Square so that you can make your way back home safe in the knowledge that you haven’t wasted your day trawling though Netflix watching things just to pass the time/hangover.

Well done! x

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